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From Latin - German FreeDict dictionary ver. 0.4:

  ============ lat-deu ============
  Latin - German FreeDict dictionary
  converted by: Sebastian Humenda shumenda |at| gmx |dot| de
  Maintainer: Sebastian Humenda
  Edition: 0.4
  Size: 4500 headwords
  Publisher: FreeDict.
    Available under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 3
    (or at your option any later version, published by the FSF).
  Publication date: 3rd Februar 2011.
  Published at:
   * Database Status: small
   * verbs with the regular 'a'-declination are only partially listed.
   * the headword of a verb is the first-person form, but you find the other
     forms as well; some exceptions have been made for verbs which only
     exist in the third person
   * in some cases, the translation is only given in the masculine form, to
     keep it simple and machine-readable. (e.g. keiner, keine, keines)
   * phrases consisting of two parts are connected with " .. "
    Created from scratch (from Sebastian Humenda's notes) and with some
    look-ups on http://auxilium-online.net and http://en.wiktionary.org (for
    verification of inflections).
  The Project:
    This dictionary comes to you through nice people making it available for
    free and for good. It is part of the FreeDict project,
    http://www.freedict.org. This project aims to make many translating
    dictionaries available for free. Your contributions are welcome!
   * 2014-02-21: Conversion of the TEI source file into c5 format.
     Stylesheet ID: $Id: teiheader2txt.xsl 1095 2011-01-06 14:57:17Z bansp$
   * 2011-02-03 Sebastian Humenda ver. 0.4:
     * Added words, now 4500 headwords.
   * 2010-11-27 Sebastian Humenda ver. 0.3-2:
     * fixed a minor bug, added a few words
     * pushed in an important feature I forgot (list inflections at the
       verb's head form)
   * 2010-11-24 Sebastian Humenda ver. 0.3:
     * extended database to 35xx words
     * added Latin special cases; that are verbs only available in 3rd
     * changed the supine form of all verbs from .*us to .*um
     * notes are now noted correctly in TEi xML
     * senses (translations) are now splitted, only translations
       related to each other are on one line
     * also some bugfixes.
   * 2010-04-07 Sebastian Humenda ver. 0.2.3:
     * introduced pronomes, numerals, prepositions and conjungtions
     * Added words, fixed words (now 1800)
     * increased complexity, mainly at verbs
   * 2010-03-01 Sebastian Humenda ver. 0.2.2:
     * Fixed all these awful id-errors (Problem with xslt); thanks to
     * Deleted some doubled words, checked others twice
     * Added a few new words for a round version
   * 2010-02-25 #bansp ver. 0.2.1:
     Started fixing it the same way I did the previous version, but gave
     up - there are too many entries with the same IDs (42 remain, I removed
     or merged a few); changed @id to @xml:id, removed commas from IDs,
     removed null-string IDs, touched the header in a few places.
   * 2010-02-24 Sebastian Humenda ver. 0.2.1:
     * Somewhere up to 1120 words
     * now also adverbs and phrases
   * 2010-01-07 Sebastian Humenda ver. 0.1.2:
     * 500 Headwords: adjectives, nouns and verbs
     * Main goal: First usable database, but a bit small
   * 2009-12-20 Sebastian Humenda ver. 0.1.1:
     * 200 words written. Main goal was to get used to the way,
       dictionaries are written in xml.
   * 2009-11-11 Sebastian Humenda ver. 0.1:
     * This dictionary is bild up on my (Sebastian Humenda's) own notes
       to learn Latin.